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Hey all! Just have a little request. Whether you love it, hate it, if it makes you gassy..vote on my threadless.com shirt design!
My Threadless.com Submission

Thank you. :)

I'll be working at pirate fair this year as a, you guessed it, pirate! Do me a favor by coming out to the show, huh? Oh, you can also win free tickets! Every 50th entry wins a pair of tickets to the festival. Go ahead, give it a shot! :D


It doesnt get much better than this!

See you at the show!
Florida Pirate Festival

Please repost, Thank you

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Can you feel the winds starting to lift? Is the feel to take up cannon and steel starting to rush through your veins? Are your steps starting to swagger in a boastful and dangerous way? Then you know that the time for Florida Pirate Fair auditions have come.

Tera, and I will be looking forward to seeing the whole crew, and more on Saturday and Sunday, August 26th and 27th, 10:00 am till 2:00 pm. Joe and Levi will also be out to audition fighters who have the all the fortitude for battle in their bones.

Our press gangs are always looking for new blood, so if you have any friends or family who care to join you in Port Isley, bring the along, we would love to meet them.

And for those fellows who were on the crew last year, but can't make it to the auditions, drop us a line at Michael@piratefair.com or Tera@piratefair.com.

Can't wait to see you all.

Keep your powder dry.

Michael Griffin-Wade

So. Eddie and I have a new baby. Meet Clover!

She's the shyest, wussiest dog I've ever met. We love her to bits.

In other news, got a visit from some online friends a few days ago, and we'll be moving into our apartment monday. After a months delay. Woohoo!

Our cookies are teh seks.

Eddie just sent me this picture..I love it. Had to post it up here too. XD
And more Roxas cosplay goodies. Tee.

And a little shoot at the park.
More con and Park pics.Collapse )

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Some 7 months ago. :)

Would you like a message in a bottle? For your very own? :) Leave me an address and a magical bottle shall be sent! Or send via AIM @ MarionetteDolly or email at MarionetteDolly@hotmail.com


Trying to get back into my artsy groove. GROOVIN'.

Still trying to get my coat from Yahoo! Japan for my cosplay..curse you last minute out-bidders.

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My friend made me put on a white shirt..and it reminded us of L from Death Note. So..L! Dununun.

And..some pictures of my baby sugar glider, Lucy!

THATS the power of the keyblade!

Eyes that could melt hearts.

Sniff sniff!

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